Modern Mentorship:

A 12-Week Online Group Coaching Program for Death Doulas


Are you a heart-centered death doula ready to create and launch profitable offerings so you make an impact AND an income?

Dear Purpose-Driven End-of-Life Doula,

You’re a compassionate Death Doula ready to build your business. 

You know you were made for this work, to bravely guide clients through the dying process. It feels like a calling. 

You know your ideal clients are out there, and you’re inspired to bring your vision to light… to help families through one the most significant times in their life.

You’ve longingly admired other Death Doulas making a name for themselves, with thriving social media and featured in national media.

There's just one small problem that's got you. You don't know what steps to take next and you need more support.

Hi, I’m Karry. I'm so glad you're here. I’ve been a Death Doula since 2016. I've been on this solo journey myself and know what it's like. When I was newly trained I was scared and didn’t have a clue where to begin. I focused on my role as a Death Doula but was struggling to make my passion for helping others a business and actually start seeing clients. What shifted for me was when I reached out, received business coaching and connected with mentors in the field. I felt so relieved, supported, guided, had my questions answered and it built my confidence up with the know-how and affirming support that I was on the right track. Now, I'm a full-time, sought after Death Doula serving clients internationally! I've published a book, been featured on national media and a documentary, am teaching new hospice volunteers, and am doing meaningful work helping people everyday while making a sustainable income.

That's why I'm so passionate to introduce you to Modern Mentorship. I mentor you in attracting clients, creating a sustainable income and stepping into this much needed work more fully. 

My goal is to help you >>> Feel more confident and launch your offer in 90-days!

I've designed a special step-by-step mentorship program that's just for you.

I'm ready to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how to:

  • Design offers authentic to what YOU want to offer instead of what you think a death doulashould do
  • Uniquely market yourself in a way that reflects the deep care of your heart, so clients find you and start working with you immediately
  • Create your mindset and the systems that allow you to prosper and receive so that you can start doing this deep work in the world, helping families meet the dying time with the guidance they need  
  • Guide clients with confidence and prepare you for various client situations

What's been standing in your way is:

  • A lack of support and mentorship through experiencing various client situations you will face
  • You don’t have a business background and are nervous about marketing and seeing clients unsupported
  • Wondering if your training was enough to start seeing clients and charge for your services
  • Offering services that you don’t really want to do but think you should be as a Death Doula
  • An old mindset that says something like, “It’s selfish to make money holding space and offering healing work” 

Bottomline… You need someone to hold your hand and walk you through the process of getting set up!

Imagine you keep pushing your way through without getting the business support and mentoring necessary to create the outcomes you want. You might…

  • Not be able to get results in your business and continue to feel the dissatisfaction of reaching your potential 
  • Be doing this work for free, or worse, not doing it at all
  • Never really 'grow' the Death Doula part of your business (and, your income) 
  • Offer services you have no interest in doing leading to despising the work and maybe even quit
  • Not have forward movement with your business, leaving your gifts behind

Just imagine this possibility instead!

What if you could make money consistently, daily even, doing what you love while experiencing the heartfelt change you create for families and people transitioning through their end of life?

I like that possibility, don’t you? 

Modern Mentorship effortlessly checks all the boxes for business growth:

  • Page likes increase
  • List growth
  • Passive income
  • Increased status
  • Expert positioning
  • Followers increase
  • Attracting your dream clients
  • Designing your offerings

And more!


Introducing Modern Mentorship!




“I highly recommend taking this course with Karry. She has a real knack for providing the info you need to succeed and get yourself out there. She works with you to draw out of you what has been hidden or lying dormant, due to lack of self confidence. You will benefit from this course and Karry in every way.”
“I had completed my training and began journeying with clients a number of years ago, and as becoming a death doula has a number of nuances to it, I was unclear as to how to proceed. Karry is well known and trusted in this field and when I became aware of her course, I knew that it would be well laid out, approachable and include action plans. I was thrilled with the course and would highly recommend it.”
“The journey with Karry was empowering and full of information. She has a talent for bringing up those layers and things we tend to hide. It was a process that was greatly guided and such an immense help.”
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So let me ask you…
  • What if you could help clients through their sacred end-of-life journey AND not be overwhelmed running a business in the process?
  • What if you could be well-paid for your sensitive superpowers?
  • What if you could feel comfortable taking up space so you confidently be visible in your marketing so that you’re the first person that prospective clients call when they are in need? 

I understand. I’ve been there! Your attention and care have gone to being the best doula you can be. You’re willing to be available to clients, to stay longer, to support them through the thick of it. 

You’ve probably never been taught how to build a long lasting business with the specific nuances of end-of-life work, not to mention having your hand held through attracting and serving your first few clients. 

Inside Modern Mentorship

Inside this exclusive training program, you’ll discover all the tips, tools and done-for-you scripts designed to teach you, step-by-step, how to confidently coach clients, attract clients, make an income that supports you in supporting more families, market yourself true to you, sell your services in an anti-sales way, and create the mindset that will keep you grounded.


Laying the foundation, cultivate your business, attract new clients with your new magnetic offer (without a website!).

Your Roadmap for Success

Identify a clear and compelling vision of your thriving client practice

Clear the blocks that keep you stuck in fear

Overcome overwhelm and get a proven roadmap for how to grow a thriving client practice

Develop the mindset you need to let go of this being a hobby and step into claiming it as your business

Hot Client-Attractive offers

Develop a sustainable income so that you turn your hobby into a business

Stop providing services that you ‘think’ a death doula should do and start offering your authentic offers

Learn how to find clients online and offline plus trending social media tips

 Authentic and Lucrative Marketing Strategies that Work

Learn how to attract clients and make a profitable income without a website!

Create authentic marketing that enrolls clients in working with you immediately

Setup fruitful collaborations that increase your email list

Magnetic Mindsets

Lead with what you’re good at to jumpstart your success

Choose your niche to attract clients right away

Unearth your innate gifts so that you can develop your unique offer

Breakthrough the fear of being more visible

Overcome imposter syndrome so that you stand out in your marketing

Month 2

I’ll be supporting you in supporting your clients. Everything from setting boundaries, providing non-medical symptom management, and how to transform your clients’ experiences so that they continually want to work with you. In month two, I’ll help you lay the foundation for a successful client practice so that you feel more confident with your new offer. 

The Most Common Client-Relationship Mistakes

Implement critical self-care practices specific to end of life work

Learn essential consent practices so that your clients feel safe working with you

Establish boundaries so that you avoid conflict with clients

Working with Clients as a Death Doula

Transform your clients' experiences so deeply that they continually want to work with you

Establish session structure that supports safety, continued care and deep transformation

Create closure rituals when your journey ends with your client so that you model healthy grieving

Navigating a Multitude of Client Scenarios

Navigate family relationships. Clearly coach your clients on boundary setting and communication

Coach clients with powerful questions at each stage so you transform their end-of-life with them

Prepare for any scenario so you walk into sessions feeling calm and grounded

Empowering Clients through Essential Non-Medical Symptom Management

Learn 30 Non-medical ways to provide comfort

Assess the environment for comfort improvements with ease using this checklist

Empower clients and family members with practical tools and be seen as the go-to person

Month 3

Bringing it all together supporting you in moving forward with your practice. In month three, I’ll coach you in continuing your successful client practice so that you feel knowledgeable, supported, clear on the legalities and nourished in your thriving practice.

What's the law?

  Establish local law so you empower your clients to make informed choices

Identify the paperwork needed after death so that you prepare families and save them thousands of dollars. 

Create a professional client agreement so you can rest your mind. 

Learn to Teach

Learn how to confidently teach a workshop, masterclass or seminar to gain visibility

Establish what and where to teach so that you position yourself as an expert

Discover your teaching method aligned with your interests and skills

Self Care Specifically for Death Doulas

Lay the foundation for best practices so that you have a routine before, during and after seeing clients

Implement pleasure practices. The anti-burn out secret

Leveraging your nervousness and innate “why you’re in this work” to access your drive and enthusiasm anytime!

Building Community and Ongoing Training and Support

Develop mutual collaborations to grow your email list

Target specific training to skill up in your niche and position yourself as the expert in your niche

Benefit from memberships and affiliations to attract clients



One time payment

✅ 12 live training sessions

✅ 6 group coaching and mentorship calls

✅ Membership forum

✅ "Done-for-you" templates and checklists 

Save when you pay in full.




3 payments

✅ 12 live training sessions

✅ 6 group coaching and mentorship calls

✅ Membership forum

✅ "Done-for-you" templates and checklists 



Course Format

Modern Mentorship for the Heart-Centered Death Doula is a:

12 week training program with weekly live trainings held over Zoom.

6 additional live group coaching sessions to bring your burning questions unique to you, your client relations and your business so that you can receive direct coaching from me, Karry.

Course begins May 4, 2022.

Live trainings are Wednesdays, 12-1pm EST. The recordings will be uploaded to the course platform.

Live group coaching sessions are Mondays 11:30am-12:30pm EST.










“If you're unsure as to where to begin regarding starting the business aspect of your work - this is a fantastic step.”

"The [course] was insightful and important. It validated for me that what we offer as Death Doulas is very valuable - and offered me better ways of structuring fees, etc.”

“I feel gratitude for having found this course - it was exactly what I needed, and at the right time - of course! ;)”