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If you’re like many of the death doulas I teach,

you too might struggle in these areas:

If so - I’m so glad you’re here! You’re in the right place.

I can help you overcome all of these challenges.

Imagine instead…

I know all of this is possible because I have walked the path myself.

That's why I created...

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It's Time. Say Yes To Your Calling.

Melissa Lapena

Before The Life and Death Academy, I was volunteering with hospice, attending [workshops], and networking.

But even after dedicating a year of those efforts, I was still too scared to take the leap and get my doula business off the ground.

Karry's program is rich in opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth and business development.

I'm a different version of myself from when I started the academy.

Now I consider myself not only educated, but I am End of Life Doula and business owner who is fully capable and ready to serve clients.

Pablo Carmona

Before I joined the Life and Death Academy, I felt unsure about how to create a fulfilling career as an end-of-life coach. I took my time to carefully research different training options. 

Karry captivated my attention through her eBook [How to Be Paid as a Death Doula]. After I read it I was convinced that I could make concrete plans to quit my corporate job and switch to a career that is more aligned to my life purpose. 

What is unique about Karry's Death Doula Training is her focus on compassionate care.

This program is one of a kind.

I feel more confident, grounded, and capable of serving my clients meaningfully.  

I highly recommend this training led by Karry to anyone looking to create a fulfilling career in end-of-life care.

Sasha Bell

After doing much research, Karry’s Life and Death Academy Death Doula Training felt to me like the most well rounded offering.

I took the leap and invested in this training for myself and I’m so grateful for the wisdom and guidance that I’ve received.

Karry is a passionate teacher, coach and role model who brings both excellent business acumen and a deeply intuitive element to this work.

She empowers you to weave the practical skills into your experiential understanding with the mindset required to make this a truly viable business. 

I now know how to create packages that reflect my values.

I am highly accountable, have healthy boundaries, and am able to show up fully present in a way that leaves me free and excited to share my gifts with the world. I feel ready and fully resourced to support people along this sacred End of Life journey.

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